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Your Bridge To Growing Your Practice


Every single year new therapists graduate, having spent anything between $20,000 to $100,000 on their degrees.
They are thrown out to the market among the lions expected to survive.

The harsh climate therapists are facing is that they are selling a very important service, but it is hard to sell and they get no education in either sales or marketing.

Our purpose is to bridge the gap between therapists and the practice they envisioned for themselves when they set of.

A practice where they have clients in abundance. Clients they are most passionate about working with, who are genuinely grateful for their service & who are able to pay full fees without insurance headaches. 

Mankind's search for meaning

Our primary drive in life is not pleasure, but rather the discovery and pursuit of what we PERSONALLY find meaningful. It is human nature to want to know the meaning of our existence, our purpose and our place on earth.

Your clients and everyone is on their own quest to find and pursue their personal meaning. 

The meaning of TPC's existence is to help those who have chosen to become private practitioners to increase their private-pay caseload and build a thriving business. 


To be the most client results driven business school for therapists & wellness professionals in the world, where anyone can start and grow their practice from anywhere and towards any specific field of practice.


To Provide the most effective & swift bridge between private practitioners & the practice they desire.

Core Values & Principals

  • We are constantly improving our methods and we believe in questioning the unquestioned and by challenging the unchallenged we hold nothing sacred in pursuit of the objective truth.
  • ​We believe that people are powerful and capable beyond limitation and can live the lives of their dreams. The only gap between the current situation and a thriving practise in is knowledge & tools. We are here to close this gap.
  • ​Our only goal & true north is the success of our clients, and every single thing we do is towards our goal & true north.
Christoffer Nettelbladt
Christoffer is a curious explorer of knowledge, truth, entrepreneurship, and behaviour.
After working ten years at an IT corporation at the IT department he took more interest in entrepreneurship.
He then dipped his toe into the pool of entrepreneurship for the first time by running his first business. During this period he learned & refined the knowledge & skills of entrepreneurship.
After that he opened a practice to help couples recover from addiction, betrayal trauma & heal their relationships.
Knowing first hand how these issues impact people, relationships & families the field of therapy remains close to his heart.
It was during the course of running this business he picked up, honed and refined the fields of client attraction, client conversion & service delivery.
He kept hearing client stories about the struggle of finding great therapists as well as speaking to the therapists themselves about the constant struggle of getting more clients. 
This sparked a fire to focus all attention towards closing the gap between the hardships of private practitioners to find more clients and their vision of a thriving practice by educating them in his methodologies for finding and converting clients as well as delivering their services in the optimal way to leverage their own time while ensuring better results for their clients.
Christoffers precise ability to aid therapists in dramatically growing their practice comes from his own experience as previously being a therapist client, personally work with clients himself and figured out how to consistently get more clients with predictability as well as talking to countless therapists about their struggle with filling up their calendar with appointments.
The key is not only to consistently get more clients, but also getting the clients you are most suitable for helping and most passionate about.

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