Succeed When Others Fail - How To Create A Higher Purpose For Your Private Practice
Written by Christoffer Nettelbladt on March 27, 2020
Mankind's search for meaning
Our primary drive in life is not pleasure, but rather the discovery and pursuit of what we PERSONALLY find meaningful. It is human nature to want to know the meaning of our existence, our purpose and our place on earth.
Your clients and everyone is on their own quest to find and pursue their personal meaning.
The picture I've chosen for this article is a free stock picture I've added text to, so that you can save it and print it out or set as background to your phone and computer to remind you that you are and must remain unwavering in pursuit of your vision.

Your vision - mission - principles 
The Vision: 
Define the future that you want
It is the long-term future say 10-30 state you see for the world, your market, your customers, your practice, your team and your service.
Define yours now.
The Mission: 
Define how you’ll get there
Your mission statement talks about how you will get to where you want to be in the future. It’s more grounded in today’s reality, goals and immediate actions.

Define yours now.
The Principles: 
Define your philosophy
Your principles are fundamental truths or propositions that serve as the foundation for you, your team and your customers belief system, behavior and chain of reasoning. 
Your principles need to be crystal clear and unmistakable. 
There is few things within an organisation as dangerous as a vague principle that people actually think they live by and are applying while they are actually not, because they were NOT crystal clear and unmistakable. 
What are the beliefs you wish to build your world upon?
That might sound grandiose and bold, but it is true nonetheless. 
The very purpose of having principles is to guide you and the entire organisation and unify everyone into a “baseline” to base decisions and reasoning from.
When these work there is no need to wonder, guess or ask constant guidance from the owner, because everyone know what is stated as definitely crucial.
So for example is someone is wondering whether to choose from admin work or or improving on a particular part of your service for example and they ask anyone for guidance, they will get the same answer from everyone, “do the improvement first.” because you’ve stated in your principles that you are client driven for example. That is the everyday power of having crystal clear principles.
Define yours.
You’re not going to make any radical changes to these. There might be a minor tweak here and there to get it honed in and refined, and at that point you and everyone else know exactly:
Where you are going.
How you’re going to get there.
How to prioritise and take actions in the daily work towards your vision.
Since your principles will derive from your belief system there won't be a point where you just do a complete change in direction away from these things.
Truthfully it doesn’t matter if your organisation consist of only you or you plus 50 employees, everyone is forgetful and sometimes caught up in the moment of stress or wake up to a bad day of confusion. However with these things set, defined, written down and available to you, your employees and your customers you know what your goal and calling is and there are no motivational force more empowering than every single day waking up and taking actions towards your personal defined vision.
What’s left is relentless belief and execution to see it through.
One thing is for sure, it will not be easy. Most people don’t even have a vision, and most of the people that do have not clearly defined it.
Further than that, most people that have a clearly defined vision don’t take consistent actions towards that vision ever so slightly until it’s done.
The key formula to make sure you stand out and actually realize your vision and make it a reality is:

never forget WHY.
This is why we have defined these things, to give it a higher meaning and purpose than simply having a job or making money. This goes way beyond that and becomes and calling and purpose of existence.
Persistent belief.
You must never weaver from your vision.
There will be failures along the way, you will face times of uncertainty, discomfort and possibly even humiliation at some point, but you MUST believe in you vision. 
As a founder and entrepreneur with your own practice your number one job is to NOT lose belief in your vision. Because that will cast a shadow on everything else including client results.
With belief, confidence and trust in your vision you will inspire yourself, your clients and organisation.
Consistent execution.
You must set the standard for yourself and the organisation. You and your vision are a lighthouse for your clients and your organisation that are lighting the way.
Even if everything is going against you and you feel worn out, you must prevail.
Turning a situation like that around always starts from within. Inner strength inspire the actions that will actually turn the tides and make things happen. Where is that inner strength found? from you vision, mission and principles, and so it closes the loop.
While technology comes and goes, business strategies, techniques and approaches towards the actual therapeutic work and everything else comes and goes and change to improve. These things you have defined right here stand at the very core and heart of your practice as the true north and the reason for it all to even exist.
While it’s easy to think it’s all about be marketing, who you know, what your education is, what rates you charge or what technology you’ve implemented to succeed, it’s the work founders put into these things that make and break practices.
Imagine two therapists who each open their own practices with private-pay clients.
One know exactly where the practice is going, why and how.
The other one is winging it in different directions and losing track on what truly matters.
I’m going to take a leap of faith and bet on the first one to actually make a profound and lasting impact on people's life with the practice.
You and your practice’s success is ultimately a test of your human will.
Do you believe it and want it bad enough. 
You must never flinch, and never take your eyes of the ball for a second.
To give you an example of the power of all of this let’s look back at the early day of Amazon and Jeff Bezos. You don’t have to be a personal fan of Amazon yourself to appreciate how tremendously “pig headed” Jeff Bezos have been, and without it Amazon would not have survived it’s earlier days.
He and his business model was constantly crucified publicly even, by the people who supposedly “knew how a business should be.”
Despite all failures and humiliation he remained “pig headed” and didn’t waver once and ultimately the inevitable happened. His vision materialised and Amazon is today what he dreamed it would be. 

It may to some seem like a far fetched example because we are starting and growing private practices here, but it’s really the same thing. 
Starting and growing a business based on a private-pay customer base is very demanding, and those who want it and consistently work towards making it they will. Those who dream it and sometimes take actions and sometimes don’t, who second guess them self and their vision, who let the opinions of others get to them, they will not get there.
This is why this exercise right here is priceless and far outweighs anything else surrounding the success of you as an entrepreneur and your private practice.
“Bring hell, high water and thunder, you WILL get it done.”
-Christoffer Nettelbladt-

For example purposes I've included my vision, mission and principles below.

To be the most client results driven business school for therapists & wellness professionals in the world, where anyone can start and grow their practice from anywhere and towards any specific field of practice.

To Provide the most effective & swift bridge between private practitioners & the practice they desire.

Core Values & Principals
We are constantly improving our methods and we believe in questioning the unquestioned and by challenging the unchallenged we hold nothing sacred in pursuit of the objective truth.
​We believe that people are powerful and capable beyond limitation and can live the lives of their dreams. The only gap between the current situation and a thriving practise in is knowledge & tools. We are here to close this gap.
​Our only goal & true north is the success of our clients, and every single thing we do is towards our goal & true north.
To your success!

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