What Is Therapy Practice Consulting?
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Written by Christoffer Nettelbladt on March 14, 2020
Is it just another web designer that’s gonna waste precious time on pretty buttons?

Is it gonna have me sign up for the latest “shiny object” that everyone is putting their hopes to?

Is it a marketing strategy?

Is it a sales training?

Or is it just a magic wand you wave to make problems go away?

Therapy Practice Consulting is a complete end to end system.

A proven methodology to take a complete stranger and turn them into a full paying client in a trackable and predictable way that can double and even quadruple your revenue.

TPC is a program, course, business, sales, marketing & mindset training, a community

TPC is all of the above with lifetime access for participants.

To break it down into one term it would have to be a “hybrid course system”.

The real life scenario for participants looks like this…

Every week there is a new topic to educate yourself on through the program materials and resources, as well as two live questions & answers sessions for two hours each to answer any and all questions. In addition there is also a community to participate in and take advantage of each other's knowledge among other therapists who are also going through the training or have already finished. because all participants have lifetime access to the program, the live calls and the community.

This complete system to start and grow a private practice is assembled and forged from my own passion for the work therapists do and my utmost respect for the profound impact the work has in people's lives.

Growing up my mother was getting help with depressions from therapy. When I hit a wall and found myself crashing, it was therapy that got me back up.

 My own family has been saved from addiction and betrayal thanks to therapy. So I have extensive experience as the customer of therapy and know all the challenges with finding a great and passionate one that you resonate with.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on marketing, sales & business training.

I’ve also worked with reuniting couples and have actually grown my own private pay client base.

So I’ve experience and knowledge about the entire chain from being a client, having the business training to working private pay clients and growing a client base myself. I’ve boiled down and distilled down this knowledge and experience into this training program.

Everything you see in your life right now is your doing. 
Accepting that puts you in control of everything in your future.

Let us help you take the best possible path towards the practice you’ve envisioned.

TPC is my one true passion and life's work 

If you’re really committed to growing the full practice of your dreams and having every possible advantage  to achieve your goal, then I truly believe Therapy Practice Consulting is by a mile the best option you got. Not only will you have access to support and expertise in service to your vision for the practice of your dream. You will also learn a LOT – about the fields of marketing, online advertising, conducting a powerful initial consult to how to handling the internal challenges that comes with being an entrepreneurial therapy practice owner.

During this call we will cover a few key areas around your practice – how you got started, where you're currently at today, and your dreams for your practice in its fully thriving state.

Based on that foundation, we’ll do our best to help you understand as clearly as possible what Therapy Practice Consulting is and exactly how it can help you achieve your goals for your practice.

Let Us Help You Build & Grow Your Private Practice Into A Wildly Profitable Business. By Teaching You The Methodology & Skills Required
To Grow A Private Thriving Practice In The 21st Century.

Christoffer nettelbladt

Christoffer Nettelblad helps people start their new life without pornography, sexual addiction & betrayal trauma. He is an expert at helping people reclaim control of their life & help relationships reach their full potential using online methods while making it simple to understand.
If you're interested in starting your own new life without addiction, in control and thriving, then definitely reach out and request a free consultation today.
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