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Christoffer Nettelbladt Shares His Simple And Effective 3-Step Methodology For Generating 5, 7,10 Even 15 New Therapy Clients Every Single Month With Predictability
My FREE Case Study Reveals:
  • The Simple, Proven & Effective System To Start & Grow Your Own Practise
  • ​Why People Fail To Generate Enough Clients For Their Practise To Thrive
  • ​The 3 Essentials To Run A Thriving Therapy Practice

Testimonials & Endorsements 

“Imagine not taking insurance anymore … it used to be my dream, now it’s my reality - every single one of my clients are private-pay.
I joined Therapy Practice Consulting with the intention of never taking insurance again. My practice needed a rework, and I needed to treat it as a business.
TPC got me going in the right direction. The program inspired me personally, and it altered the way I see myself and my practice. It sure is a place for people to get help and guidance, but it’s also a business.
I have been in practice for 11 years, and I have never made as much money as I am making now, while maintaining my 7 hours work/day! my goal was to make 2K a day on average, and I soon met that goal. I don't work more than 7 hours a day, and I have been steadily making that. It feels wonderful!

I cherish the clients who work with me, and have raised my fee exponentially, with close to no complaints.
Thank you! I’ve worked hard, and throughout the program I felt encouraged, just kept doing the work, and and turned my dream into reality.

The TPC program is a lifestyle and paradigm shift, and once you implement that routine, you can only succeed.”
- Julie Wright LMFT

Christoffer Nettelbladt

To Provide the most effective & swift bridge between private practitioners & the business they desire.

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We believe that people are powerful and capable beyond limitation and can live the lives of their dreams. The only gap between addiction and a life to thrive in is knowledge & tools. We are here to close this gap.

Our only goal & true north is the success of our clients, everything we do is towards our goal & true north.