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Rapidly Grow Your Therapy Practice Or Wellness Operation By Moving To The New Highly Leveraged Model Of Therapy & Coaching That Trade Value For Money & Thrive At Any Scale,
Instead Of The Old Model That Trade Time For Money.
Practice Building & Growing Training For Therapists, Psychologists & Counsellors

What would finishing this training lead to?

° Advanced understanding of client attraction and a system to handle it, in place.

° Advanced understanding of client conversion and the best scripted process for the consultation.

° Advanced understanding of service delivery, while you know better than anyone what goes into your services, you will 
now know all available platforms and ways to deliver different services to optimise client value, practice growth, and profit.

° How to identify what service you can turn into a "hybrid course".

In short, how to move from the old model that in the best case scenario breaks at full caseload to the new model of therapy practices that can thrive at any scale.

Stay Home & Save Lives

We are here for you during this global crisis and are fully operational

Christoffer Nettelbladt

To Provide the most effective & swift bridge between private practitioners & the business they desire.

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  • ​The 3 Essentials To Run A Thriving Therapy Practice

Testimonials & Endorsements 

This is what Larry Barber LMFT had to say about his intimacy online hybrid course started to outsell all his live couple services:

“Never in a million years did I think I’d ever sell a course, let alone one related to my therapeutic expertise. I haven't stopped working with couples in live sessions, it’s just that I’ve added a course specifically for my intimacy training.
It simply isn’t two things I thought was possible to combine into something people would want, but what I see is that my course clients are actually getting better results than my past live clients for intimacy training. Part of the success might be that they have lifetime access, part of it might be that they can actually pause videos of me and do worksheets in their own pace instead of processing the information as spoken during a live session. 
My practice is now serving 70% more clients and without me having to employ staff or work more hours myself, it’s brilliant.”

Allison Johnson LMFT filled her caseload with private-pay clients in 17 weeks.

“Enrolling TPC is the single best decision I’ve ever made for my private practice, other than deciding to open it.

I have never been on insurance panels, having been private pay since the get go.

Before going into the training I had been operating my practice for three years but had never been able to get enough clients to end my employment to fully run my practice. It was a constant juggle around 40-50% of full caseload at 26 weekly clients.

Having spent several thousand dollars already on what people told me I needed, and frankly I believed I needed too. Things like a facelift on my website, SEO to supposedly drive people to it, and general marketing firms. None of which got me anywhere, in terms of actually getting me more clients. 


4 months and a week after starting the TPC training I hit my first ever full week, and have been consistently filling my calendar since. 

I still can’t fully believe that I won’t be employed or worried about my caseload very again.

To me, the most valuable thing is that I found someone who knows what they are doing! 

Before TPC, generating clients felt like a daunting uphill run. No one I hired was really all that useful.

I also started thinking like an entrepreneur and adopted a positive and resilient mindset.”
Julie Wright LMFT met her goal of 2,000$/day with 7 hours work days.

“Imagine not taking insurance anymore … it used to be my dream, now it’s my reality - every single one of my clients are private-pay.
I joined Therapy Practice Consulting with the intention of never taking insurance again. My practice needed a rework, and I needed to treat it as a business.
TPC got me going in the right direction. The program inspired me personally, and it altered the way I see myself and my practice. It sure is a place for people to get help and guidance, but it’s also a business.
I have been in practice for 11 years, and I have never made as much money as I am making now, while maintaining my 7 hours work/day! my goal was to make 2K a day on average, and I soon met that goal. I don't work more than 7 hours a day, and I have been steadily making that. It feels wonderful!

I cherish the clients who work with me, and have raised my fee exponentially, with close to no complaints.
Thank you! I’ve worked hard, and throughout the program I felt encouraged, just kept doing the work, and and turned my dream into reality.

The TPC program is a lifestyle and paradigm shift, and once you implement that routine, you can only succeed.”

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We believe that people are powerful and capable beyond limitation and can live the lives of their dreams. The only gap between addiction and a life to thrive in is knowledge & tools. We are here to close this gap.

Our only goal & true north is the success of our clients, everything we do is towards our goal & true north.