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More convenient than live therapy and more scaleable than tele-therapy

Welcome To Treatler
The place to sell, deliver and scale your Therapeutic services Online

Transform More Lives, Make a greater impact and scale your practice through online self help programs with just a few clicks.

Exclusively for you as a private therapist and your clients
Simplicity through online self help programs
For you and your clients

pivot Through our tailor made platform that unifies the key features needed to make scaling your practice effortless.

Replace the complexity and confusion of combining different tools and apps with simplicity and clarity through one platform

Your practice before Treatler
Without self help online programs

- Weekly client-cap 20-25 clients / week
- You get rewarded from your time rather than your expertise

With self help online programs

- Learning and connecting various services is time consuming and technically confusing

Your practice after Treatler

Everything you need to plan, create, market and successfully sell online therapeutic programs based on your expertise is custom build and unified on one platform exclusively created for private therapists and clients.

Now you can direct all your energy towards your clients and growing your practice instead of dancing with tech-problems.

Advance in your field of expertise
Through field specific mastermind councils. 
Make a greater impact
Through online self help programs
Get your research funded
Through our initiative to fund research carried out by therapists on the platform

This is exactly what Treatler have available for you & your clients

Online self help programs
With just a few simple clicks you can plan out your curriculum, structure and create your program 

You are able to enrol clients at unparalleled scale

Your clients are able to work their process from anywhere, at any time
Customisable practice profile
Apply your unique branding on your profile

Through your profile you can offer your program, online sessions and announce studies you conduct to attract participants.

You can show other products you are offering through Amazon such as books and other products related to your practice.
Client communitites
program specific communities to unite clients

You can create multiple communities per program to make sure both parties can have an open dialog without hurting the other side

Your clients are able to share with and learn from each other 
Mastermind councils
Join a mastermind council specific to your field of expertise

Share your knowledge and learn from other experts to advance within your field of passion

This is a great place to learn from others research and to share your own findings
Live online sessions
- Initial consults 
- program specific sessions
- Stand alone sessions
You can schedule ex. weekly group sessions to assist your program materials

Your clients are able to share with, learn from each other and you can address specifics regarding the program ex. from discussions that emerged in the community
Conduct your research & studies
Request funding for your research & announce your studies
You can receive funding for your therapeutic research as a member of the platform
Announce on your profile that you're conducting a study and need participants. people can sign up & you can even grant discounts on your program/s for participants in your studies
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Due Today: $10
Fully refundable. 
You will be able to use and test the platform before launch in late 2021. You will have full access to the full platform two weeks prior to the official launch.

People Talk


“I help women overcome past hurt setbacks and trauma, recognise the opportunities to turn their passions into profit and help them set up the systems to get started . I am currently working on a course and finishing a book.
It is certainly a pleasure to be here.”


“As a therapist, I help people build the field, and teach them how to cultivate and tend their inner world with compassion and curiosity. I help people find their way home.
I appreciate the stardust gift of your offering!” 
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