How To 10X & Beyond - Your Business Through An Online Hybrid-Course
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Written by Christoffer Nettelbladt on May 05, 2020
The purpose of this article is to bring clarity around how an online hybrid-course can help you scale your business by 10 times and beyond while increasing client results and doing less "leg work" and without adding more complexity, expenses or staff to your organisation.

The most successful therapists and coaches are already leveraging a new model to provide greater value to more clients, with less complexity and at a higher profit. For the same to be an option for you, you must leverage your unique expertise and resources. You must also value your time among the most important asset you got.

Most therapists build a therapeutic business that's utterly dependent upon how many hours you put in and get caught in the trading time for money trap. Not only is this a somewhat risky (and very exhausting) business model, it's also putting a glass ceiling on your growth potential, since regardless of how hard you work you simply can't squeeze more hours to a day.

However, once you've packaged and can deliver  your therapeutic expertise in a way that isn't dependent upon where you live or how many hours you work a whole new world of possibility opens up. Suddenly, the time and geographic barriers that once stunted your growth become nonexistent and your earning potential becomes unlimited. This, while enjoying unparalleled simplicity, efficiency and freedom.  

You will finally have the professional freedom of working with who you want, when you want, doing what you know best AND are most passionate about.

Moving away from trading time for money to instead trade value and therapeutic transformation for money changes EVERYTHING to the better for both you as a professional and you clients.

The tools of the time we are blessed with having allow therapeutic service providers to enjoy professional freedom, practice growths and client results at an unparalleled scale throughout history.

To provide true value to therapy clients, in other words taking them from a current undesired situation to their desired situation and taking them on that therapeutic transformation no longer require you to repeat the same process "in the flesh" so to speak. 

Now you can personally take an unlimited number of clients on the same journey while the physical you is focusing on getting new clients, making sure your course curriculum is razor sharp, continually improved and up to date with the latest research within your field of expertise. 

Responsibility & Sustainability

When online courses are so beneficial why am I talking about hybrid online courses?
Because a course fundamentally isn't different from traditional 1on1 or group settings. It is a platform for transferring knowledge, and like the traditional platform a course has its upsides and its downsides.
So lets look at this a little closer.

  1on1 setting:

positive - close connection with clients to provide exactly the information they need to make their desired transformation.

Negative - This model stagnate quickly because time to take on more clients run out fast.

Group Setting: 

Positive - scales a lot further than 1on1 because time doesn't run out as quickly. Clients get the benefit of belonging to a community among others in similar situation as them.

Negative - The ability to exactly provide the information client needs is limited, so either groups must have a clear time when everyone can start and finish and in between no one else can enrol the program. Or people can enrol whenever they like but then the quality of the meetings are reduced due to the professional must repeat the process, guidelines and rules as well as the actual content over and over because there will constantly be new participants in the meetings.
Meetings are still held "in the flesh" 

Course setting:

Positive - Scales indefinitely without any upper limit of how many clients can be taken on. People can enrol whenever they which. They will follow a predictable process in their own tempo from start to end much like 1on1 setting.

Negative - Clients have no actual relationship with the professional and they get no community to belong to.
These factors often results in worse results as if clients would have gone through a 1on1 setting.

Hybrid-course setting:

Positive - utilise the benefits or positives of all of the above, without suffering the negatives from any of the above.

This is possible because clients get access to a live group q&a with the professional once a week to ask questions and the professional can make sure progress is being made as expected.

Clients also get access to closed members only community to belong to.

This make the hybrid-course setting unparalleled as a therapeutic setting for both professional and clients for therapeutic transformations that have a clear start and end point.

Premium Prices

People have been paying for wisdom, expertise and to be taken towards a desired outcome since the dawn of time. The difference now is that clients and professionals are no longer limited to the traditional settings of transferring wisdom.

A widely spread misconception among therapists and the wellness field in general is that a course would produce lesser outcomes, or people would feel that its a secondary service compared to the live therapeutic sessions and programs. The reality therapists and their clients who have already transitioned to providing and enrolling hybrid-courses is that client results go up and increase in comparison to traditional settings.
The mutual success for professionals and their clients come from the fact that the hybrid-course setting utilise the strengths of all other settings while not suffering any of the downsides. It's a merger between the best of them all to create a setting that is optimal for professionals to provide their expertise and for clients to make their desired transformation that they are unable to make on their own.

Since we are not trading time for money through a hybrid-course, we are instead trading value for money, which is something else entirely.

The price of your hybrid course should match the complexity of the problem it solves.

Here is what some of my previous clients are providing through hybrid-courses:

Jeremy Nelson provide a parent dynamics hybrid-course at 2,800$.

Lisa Ferguson CSAT provide a sexual addiction & betrayal trauma hybrid-course at 4,700$

Larry Barber LMFT provide an intimacy hybrid-course at 2,000$.

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