How to successfully create a therapeutic online course and scale your business to 6 figures and beyond per month.
Written by Christoffer Nettelbladt on May 7, 2020
Do you already have your own practice full and possibly even with people waiting in line to work with you?
Are you already getting your message out there to the masses through your own book/s?
Are you further spreading your wisdom through live speeches?
If you can relate to one or move of the above, then an online course is the perfect platform for you and your clients to transition into.
You will be able to scale your business without any glass ceilings.
Your clients will benefit from increased results and a lifetime of access.
In other words online hybrid courses create winners on both ends.
You might even have felt for a while now that creating your own online training is the next tactical move for you to grow your business and gain more freedom at the same time, but you don’t know first of all how to create one and then how to sell it and marketing it might be unfamiliar too.
I will show you right now the step by step process to follow if you’re serious about transitioning into the new model of therapy and coaching through online hybrid courses and scaling your business to the six figure mark and beyond.
Step 1 - You MUST Stop Being A Generalist And Instead Define Your Mountain And Own It 
Define what your area of mastery is and then climb to the top of that mountain and defend it. It’s a lot easier than you think to be the best at one thing but impossible to be at multiple things.
Step 2 - You MUST Axe Your Service Offerings
And Only Offer Your Core Service
Now bad to decent companies got their attention spread so wide they are unable to give enough attention to improving on all of their products or services.
Great companies focus entirely on 1 to 2 products or services and focus all attention towards making them the best all the time.
To give you an example of this, in Apples early days they had 30 days worth of money left and the entire company was facing the end. They brought Steve Jobs back and the first thing he did was kill all production lines Apple had in operation but couldn’t compete in well. leaving only the very core and foundations left to focus on and the rest is publicly well known corporate history.
Step 3 - Develop Your Proof Of Concept From Done with
You 1on1 or group Services And Then Roll It Into A Training Program
Once you have defined your mountain, work with 1 or 2 clients until you get them results and then think “What is the underlying concept here, the fundamentals of the process that is working to get people their desired results. 
Once you have developed your proof of concept you can now put that into a training program and share it with others who want similar results.
Don’t get stuck doing the work again and again for different clients thinking that every time is different and it can’t be done any other way. When you stick to a “niche” or a specific therapeutic process to work with and get people results there is ALWAYS a proof of concept there that can be put into a training program. 
For example Lisa Ferguson CSAT started working with me to make this transition, and in her first 90 days she made over $105,000. She stopped doing all sorts of work with different people and focused on what she did best and was the most passionate about. She created a hybrid course for sexual addiction & betrayal trauma lasting 12 weeks at a 4,700$ price point.
Step 4 - Command Premium Prices And Be Proud Of It
If you had a life threatening health situation would you scroll through the internet looking for the cheapest doctor or would you want to work with the a specialist on this specific field?
In the therapy and coaching business people are counting on you to get them results and that result is significantly more important than the price they pay, in-fact people actually feel uneasy about paying cheap prices for something that is important.
Figure out what the result is that you are promising people and then price according to the results you bring people, NEVER be the cheapest person on the block nor the most expensive and be proud of it. In short, make sure your prices reflect the complexity of the problem you solve.
Step 5 - Use Inbound Marketing And Know Your Numbers
Utilise paid inbound marketing to attract people to your training program.
Most Therapists and coaches rely on what I call “Random marketing” and “Hope Marketing”. 
They get dribs and drabs of business from a webinar one month, an event the next, a referral here and the odd email from somebody.
They have no way to get clients on demand and they have no idea how much it costs them to get a client or in what timeframe.
Even though this might work right now to keep your traditional caseload full at say 20-30 clients a week, it will NOT scale to the level of growth we are talking about right here. 
For that you need predictable, proven and trackable paid inbound marketing methods to rely on to find potential clients that can scale beyond limitation.
Step 6 - Move The Conversation Offline 
Most businesses who sell online courses, therapists and coaches included are trying to fully sell the course online, like buying a book from Amazon. 
Attract people to your business with paid advertising, tell them about what you do, who you help and what you help them with and then…
Ask them to reach out if they are interested and then talk to them on the phone or Skype for a free consultation (like you would with traditional live clients).  
Why do we do this?
Because traditional online conversions are 1-2% and cost $1,000’s per sale. Talking to somebody on the phone converts at 25-50% and is much cheaper and EASIER.
By following logic, the numbers and the objective truth, the smart and also more responsible way is to follow a traditional consultation process. Not only is the conversion rate up to 49% higher but it also allow you to make sure that each and every person who nerol your course actually need it and will get their desired outcome through it.
Step 7 - Invest In Mentorship & Learn From Somebody
Who Has Actually Done It
Believe me when I say that there is a shortcut
and an easier way than trial and error through this process.
It’s with Mentorship from somebody who has a proven and predictable system and methodology to follow all the way from picking what to fill the course with, creating it, selling it, marketing it organically and marketing it through paid advertisement to take your business operation to the five and six figure per month mark.
If you’re looking to make this transition into the new model of therapy and coaching by trading value instead of time for money through an online course, then let's talk.

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Christoffer Nettelbladt

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