Changing The Lives Of Therapists & Wellness Professionals

Don't Just Make A Living, Design A Life You're Passionate About Living

In merely a 9-week timeframe, we will dramatically scale and grow your therapeutic business operation and transform it into a machine that attracts, converts and take clients on the therapeutic transformation they desire but are unable to make on their own.
This is how.

The Methodology - How It Works 

We Fuse Together Your Therapeutic Wisdom With Advanced Business Understanding

When your new found knowledge react with your current knowledge, experience and wisdom there is no telling who you will become.
You will have a much wider spectrum of awareness towards your entire business operation.
At the core lies your therapeutic wisdom and now you will have a greater understanding of the business environment surrounding it.

This Is How It Works

We provide clients with the optimal environment & foundation — then we deliberately let emergence happen between the old and the newly found wisdom.

The Environment & foundations

True goals

Our clients don't get graduation diplomas, they strive
towards and reach real-world goals that are measurable and trackable. The diploma is enjoying the fruits of your wisdom.


Understanding, learning & growth requires feedback, in order for clients to track progress and iterate their actions to
improve. Our clients get feedback from the
market not hypothetical examples or other abstract form of feedback.


Every client is fundamentally unique with their own wisdom, experience and values. They are also creative, so instead of
killing or dampening these parts of them (like most), we provide them with the fundamental building blocks of information and encourage clients to arrange them how they see fit to their own business operation!


Peoples opportunity to grow is critically influenced
by their environment. Therefore you are provided with the optimal environment for learning and growth with online community, accountability, live Q&A's and mentorship.

Entrepreneural Mind Programming

The number 1 destroyer of business is psychological, not
logics or market needs. For clients to learn and grow, we
enhance their minds with awareness, cognition and remove delusions in regards to the field of business.

Application In The Real World

Theory and practice are the same, at least in theory. In
reality, they never are. We cover the theory,
then instantly apply it in the real world to see the results. This creates "creative doers".

Become A Fully Stacked Entrepreneur

While the norm or popular standard is to strengthen certain fields, like either sales or marketing, we go against the current and fuse clients previous wisdom with the complete field of entrepreneurship to create full-stack entrepreneural-therapists.

Fully Stacked Entrepreneural-therapist

  • Entrepreneural Awareness: Evolving the identity, a higher purpose, self-discipline, belief systems & paradigm
  • Entrepreneural Cognition: Unwavering focus, plans & visions, prioritising, the art of problem solving
  • Entrepreneural Principles: Business frameworks and concepts  as well as mental models
  • Entrepreneural Disciplines: Business strategy, product/service , online-marketing and masterful sales
  • ​Business processes — Vital tools, systems, workflows and critical metrics to rely on as compasses

Week 1 - Mapping out your hybrid course
Week 2 - Sell it before building it
Week 3 - building the first version of your course
Week 4 - Proven & swift marketing methods
Week 5 - Converting & effective funnel assembly
Week 6 - The ultimate Facebook ads
Week 7 - 7 figure mindset training
Week 8 - How to hire high achievers
Week 9 - Craft your dream course

Don't Just Make A Living, Design A Life You're Passionate About Living

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